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Skin moisture

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Skin moisture content

In a normal healthy skin, the water content of the outermost layer of the skin (the skin moisture barrier, also known as the lipid barrier) should be around 25 - 35% 💦

Once the moisture content is below 10%, the skin will gradually become dry and tightened, resulting in the appearance of fine lines. Dead skin cells cannot be metabolized normally, and this is when the skin darkens and starts to look dull.

What our skin experts say

  • The skin is the outer protective layer of the human body and our largest organ. Our most powerful protective barrier is our own skin!
  • Skin's hydration is replenished from the inside out.
  • Usually, the moisture level in the skin comes from drinking water, and is passed through the digestive organs, transported via the blood vessels onto the skin.
  • The skin's natural moisturizing ability is all about the skin's water retaining capacity, to slow down  evaporation and water loss. We therefore rely on the skin's natural self-hydrating mechanisms for a healthy skin barrier:
  1. Skin surface lipid (SSL) - it is a mixture of sebum and keratinocyte membrane lipids, protecting the skin from pollutants and chemicals.
  2. A healthy stratum corneum - the outermost layer of the skin and the primary barrier between the skin and the environment) - it helps to prevent water loss and protects the skin from the perils of the environment
  3. The natural moisturizing factor (NMF) of the skin - they are components that are important in the maintenance of adequate skin hydration.

Therefore, the first priority to maintain your skin moisture is to not damage your skin's natural barrier, looking after your skin health and let the skin lipids perform their physiological functions. If the keratin, skin lipids, and sebum membranes are not well taken care of, dead skin cells (the cells that make up dry skin) can build up and cause skin to be unresponsive to your skin treatments or products.

How to hydrate your skin

A healthy and strong skin barrier can help retain water more effectively. However, it is also important to note that age and lifestyle habits can affect your skin health and it is therefore incredibly important to not only moisturize your skin from the inside out but outside in as well! We provide some quick tips on how to get the inside out fix to a well hydrated skin.

Lifestyle habits:

  • Ensure a good number of sleeping hours as this is when your skin repairs and replenishes moisture. Sleeping early can help! 
  • Drink lots of water - it can help offset water loss and flushes out your body toxins! 
  • Reduce consumption of coffee and alcohol - it is hard not to start the day with a cup of coffee or end the night with a glass of wine. Both coffee and alcohol can dehydrate you, so just remember to have an extra glass or two to replenish the water loss.
  • Choose foods that are high in essential fatty acids, you want the Omega-3s - eg. salmon, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts etc (why not incorporate nuts into your snacking time!)
  • Supplement your diet with Vitamin C through the right fruit and vegetables - they are the best natural antioxidants to plump up your skin's collagen. 

Make changes to your skincare to strengthen your skin's moisture barrier:

  • Hydrate overnight - this is why a moisturizing sheet mask can be really helpful ! It also helps you relax before bed.
  • Products with ingredients that act as humectants to attract water - some examples include silk fibroin essence, hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, ceramides and niacinamide.
  • Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells that cause blockages for hydrating / moisturizing products to be effective.
  • Stop using products with astringents such as alcohol -  it will weaken your skin barrier.
  • Apply SPF to prevent UV rays from harming your skin barrier.
Let 5S3C help you to find effective skincare products:
  • For exfoliation use our all natural silk cocoon scrub which aids in moisturizing skin at the same time
  • For moisturizing, use our clinically proven silk fibroin face serum to increase and retain skin moisture.
  • For facial treatments use our high potency silk fibroin facial masks.
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