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Facial masks - the why and the how

The importance of facial masks in your skincare routine and how to choose your beauty mask

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face mask vs facial mask

Face mask is the talk of town in recent events as the world is faced with an epic challenge in a health pandemic. Only a few months ago the only mask I wore was a skin sheet mask to benefit my skin. Since the covid-19 pandemic, people from all over the world are scrambling to buy another type of mask – surgical masks/ face masks or shields which have zero benefit for our skin, in fact, quite the opposite. Nevertheless, it serves the purpose of protecting us from the viral spread.

Protective masks or barrier masks may serve well in disease prevention, but it is causing problems for our skin. Heat and humidity trapped by the mask covering our face often leads to oily skin and breakouts. To save ourselves from #maskne (acne caused by protective masks), it is beneficial to include a facial mask, otherwise known as a beauty mask into your skin care routine at least once or twice a week.

But what are the benefits of a facial mask? Facial masks are most effective in moisturizing your skin as its ingredients can penetrate deeper into your skin, allowing your skin to soak up more of the essence. They can also help you achieve the immediate effect you are looking for, the radiance and the glow you desire. At a fraction of the cost of your facial spa treatment, beauty masks complement your skincare routine for your own maintenance.

There are different types of beauty masks in the market, in the form of sheet, tub and clay. With a wide selection of beauty masks for your home facial, how should you choose?

key considerations when selecting your facial mask

We have listed a few criteria you might like to consider when choosing your favourite beauty mask.

Understand your skin and the skin concerns you have

Ideally our skin’s PH should be at 5.5. Most skin problems actually stem from dehydration or over drying. For example, if you have oily skin you tend to respond with oil control products which may end up drying out the skin and causing a PH imbalance. Instead, start by ensuring your skin care products do not contain ingredients such as alcohol and parabens that can dry out your skin. Add a sheet mask to your routine because sheet masks are known to effectively boost hydration to the skin without overloading your skin and clogging pores.

Most importantly, look out for the key ingredients that you need to fix your skin issues. For example, if you are addressing dull skin or pigmentation, you will want ingredients such as Vitamin C, Tetrapeptide-30 or Niacinamide in your facial masks. If you suffer from sensitive skin, your skin barrier is weak and you can benefit from ingredients such as silk fibroin, chamomilla recutita flower extract or centella asiatica extract for its healing properties to rebuild your skin's strength. For dry skin, silk fibroin, glycerin, glycol and hyaluronic acid are your best friends!

Potency and efficacy

With the boom of facial sheet masks, it becomes relatively easy to mask everyday for that pampering feeling without actually evaluating the benefits of our facial mask. It is also important to look for the leading ingredient and all other ingredients in your mask. Most facial masks contain water as the first ingredient (key ingredient). 5S3C facial masks contain silk fibroin as the leading ingredient, a potent ingredient which speeds up your skin recovery, increases moisturizing and shine. Applying a facial sheet mask before bed can help keep the beneficial ingredients on your skin for much longer than rinse-off masks, making them more effective for your skin.

The feeling!

Some may find clay mask messy or cream mask oily. It is all about which you will find relaxation and how you feel from your 15 minutes of home facial. I personally like a cold sheet mask on my face before bed watching an episode of a Netflix drama ;)

Product safety

Look for masks with labels of certified safety and quality. We cannot reiterate the importance of doing research before purchasing your skincare products. 5S3C Skincare stands by the safety and quality of our products through rigorous testing and quality checks. We are SNQ certified (Taiwan’s Symbol of National Quality) and our products are certified free from sensitivity, toxicity and non-allergenic from third party testing.

For sheet mask users, the combination of the sheet material and the essence is what makes your mask time most effective. We choose bemliese cotton as our sheet material because it retains 13 times more moisture, making sure all of the essence is locked into your skin.

So, the question is, are you masking?

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